Service Charge Budgets

The management of Newcastle Great Park and the environment where we live, work, play and relax is the responsibility of a number of parties and organisations. This combination of responsibilities is not unusual in such a major development but it often does lead to confusion about who is responsible for various areas of the site and what level of maintenance is carried out.

The responsibility for completion of works and then ongoing maintenance is split between the individual Developers, the NGP Consortium Project Office, The City Council and the Management Companies. It is proposed to build up information and plans to clarify responsibilities and make these available on this website and this will take place over the coming weeks.

The Management Companies’ responsibilities are a specific issue where residents and commercial operators often have questions, most understandably, as occupiers in areas where the Management Companies operate have responsibility to pay a Rent and Service Charge. At the time of purchase, all information is made available regarding payments, and the requirement for payment is controlled as part of the property purchase. However, it is evident that there are often further questions and as a result a number of documents have been uploaded for information and will be amended, updated and appended over the coming weeks.

Similarly, you can submit questions to the management company, make payments or indeed raise any questions about Newcastle Great Park via the website at the links provided.