Current & Future Development

Cell A/B1

The current phase of development at Great Park is Cell A/B1, located at the north west of the site. Once complete, Cell A will include up to 1,200 homes, two new schools, strategic open space, equipped play areas, enhanced footpath & cycle infrastructure and playing pitches.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Sports Facilities & Playing Pitches

Commencing in March 2024 and due for completion at the end of 2025, the Playing Pitches project will bring the following new facilities to Great Park on open land to the north of the ex-Sage building:

  • Rugby Union pitch
  • Senior-size Football pitch
  • Under 15/16 size Football pitch
  • Cricket pitch
  • 400m grass running track

These will predominantly be used by the forthcoming secondary school (delivered by Newcastle City Council and Department for Education), although public use is expected to be made available through council-led processes and agreements.

The wider programme will provide enhanced pedestrian, cyclist and equestrian routes from Havannah First School and Cell A developments at the western extent, giving better connectivity towards the east where routes will be linked to current public rights of way. An extensive area of landscaping and planting will also be feature through the wider cell development.

Spine Road

The final phase of the main Spine Road opened in October 2022, linking Junction 4 at the north end of Wagonway Drive with Junction 7 which connects into the existing Kingston Park Road.

This now provides a continuous link through Great Park from Kingston Park in the south west to J79 of the A1(M) at North Brunton to the north east, offering residents and visitors easier access in all directions. Dedicated footpaths and cycleways running alongside the main Spine Road carriageway enables people to make local journeys on foot and by bike.

The junction with Roseden Way (western end) into Cell D (Junction 6) opened during the weekend of November 4th-5th.

Finalising remaining local highway connections into Cell A (Wisteria Place, Junction 4, & Primrose Way, Junction 5) continues as these areas are developed. Once completed, these links will enable bus services in the local area to be reviewed and enhanced to serve more areas of Great Park.

Town Centre

Located at the heart of Great Park is our Town Centre, currently occupied by a number of retailers including:

The Town Centre is also home to the Persimmon North East regional office.

We are always interested to hear from local and national operators who want to become part of our thriving community – please contact Ian Angus at @retail, to find out more.


We have a wonderful nursery on Great Park at Kids 1st – Great Park, plus two great first schools at Brunton First School and Havannah First School.

There will be a new middle/high school built on Cell A, plans are now underway – please contact Newcastle City Council for further information.


The Masterplan shows current and future development plans, you can view and download it by following the link below.