Travelling By Car

Whilst it would be great if everyone could travel by the most sustainable mode of travel for each trip, we all accept that for many people and many journeys this isn’t possible and travel by car is the only realistic option.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t still do your bit for the environment while travelling by car! There are lots of ways to travel by car in a more sustainable way… and lots of them save you money at the same time!

Car Sharing

Do you often travel to work alone by car? Think about it… if you shared the ride with just one other person you could halve the cost of your commute!

Saving money isn’t the only great thing about car sharing, check out our post on the benefits of sharing your journey to work if you want to find out more!

Or, if you’re already convinced, we’ve got a handy guide to finding a car share companion to help you get started!

Car Club

Car clubs provide people with easy access to a car, without all the costs and hassle of owning one. No need to buy a car, pay fixed rentals, sort insurance or maintenance.

You can reserve a car at a moment’s notice, with bookings available from as little as £2.50 an hour. When picking up the car, simply unlock the vehicle using your smart phone or membership card and off you go!

Co-Wheels and Enterprise Car Club are the two main providers of car clubs in the region, with a combined total of over 50 vehicles in the Newcastle area!!

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of driving. With an ever increasing number of charging points available, as well as new and exciting vehicles on the market, drivers now have greater choices and flexibility than ever when it comes to choosing an EV.

The EV market can seem like a minefield, with lots of questions about the best options and practicalities of owning an EV. To help you out we’ve pulled together some useful information, resources and tools. Find out about vehicle options, how to charge, and how much money you could stand to save by following the links below.

More Information

If you still need more information about travelling to or from Newcastle Great Park, check out all of our driving related features and posts by following the link below. Alternatively, find out about some of the eco driving offers available.