Roseden Way-Spine Road (Junction 6) – Opening Date

Following a temporary delay in opening the junction of Roseden Way and Spine Road (Junction 6) to allow for the safe completion of adjacent properties, the NGP Consortium are pleased to inform residents this junction will open during the weekend of November 4th-5th.

There are some remedial works to be carried out adjacent to the junction, however it is not expected the junction itself will need to be closed to implement these. During this time, we request all road users abide to speed limits and use the roads safely and considerately.

The Consortium are reviewing final proposals to complete the remaining works on Roseden Way, bringing the roads and footpath surfaces up to standard. This will unfortunately bring some disruption at various stages – please do bear with the team during this time. Further details will be available following an action plan being formulated and approved.

On behalf of the NGP Consortium, thank you all for your patience while this junction has remained closed to allow us to safely deliver these remaining developments.