Preventing Water Contamination at Home

Just as the water we use in our homes comes to us from from natural resources, it returns to these sources eventually. Here are some ways to help ensure that the water your home uses returns to the source free from contaminants that can damage the ecosystem and your drainage system.

> Don’t dispose of cooking grease or used oil in your kitchen sink. Collect it in a jar until the jar is full, then dispose of of the solidified grease.

> Do not pour medications down the drain or flush them down the toilet. Instead, find out where you can safely dispose of medications in your community.

> Do not pour household chemicals or cleansers down your sink or toilet.

> Never flush any other type of solid waste such as wet wipes or wet tissues down the toilet.

> If you home has a garbage disposal, don’t use it. Instead, compost solid food waste or dispose of it in your regular garbage.

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