Getting Around On Foot

Walking has always been a great way to travel for those able to do so, offering many personal benefits, such as improved health and cost savings. Active travel offers significant benefits to the environment and local community, helping to take cars off the road for shorter trips, reducing pollution and localised congestion.

Walking Routes

Walking, jogging and running within Great Park and into the surrounding areas is easy and enjoyable thanks to a network of attractive and convenient links, including the introduction of a dedicated footpath between the Park & Ride site, the Community Centre, Brunton First School and Kids 1st Nursery. Have a look at our Park & Stride page for more details.

The pedestrian, cycle and bus-only route along Brunton Lane and over the A1 connects the east and west sides of NGP, making active travel a quicker option for local trips across the park.

Walking for Work & Leisure

For those looking to commute on foot, we’ve created some essential guides to get you started, whether you’re living or working on NGP. Check them out here:

Across NGP there is a mosaic of nature habitats including ponds, woodlands and meadows. For residents who want to enjoy nature close to home, or employees based at NGP who want to get out at lunch or after work, there are a number of Welly Walks to explore.