NGP Park & Stride

The NGP consortium has refreshed and relaunched the ‘Park & Stride’ initiative to help alleviate peak-time parking issues near Brunton First School and at the Community Centre.

We have been in close liaison with Newcastle City Council to have the southeast gate at the Park & Ride unlocked during operational hours (6AM – 7PM, Monday to Saturday) for general use in addition to the north gate.

Connecting to the improved footpath network between the Park & Ride and Roseden Way, it is just a 6-10 minute ‘stride’ from Brunton First School and for those using the Community Centre.

We have prepared a new map showing the ‘Park & Stride’ walking route between these locations:

Please do consider using this facility if driving your children to school, helping to minimise the traffic levels outside Brunton First School will make it cleaner, safer and healthier for all. It is also a great location to park when attending classes and events at the Community Centre.