Clean Air Day 2022

Thursday 16th June is Clean Air Day. In its 6th year, the initiative is aimed at raising awareness of the effects of air pollution and, this year, focuses on how it impacts every organ in the body. Harmful pollutants shorten lives and contribute to chronic illness.

Did you know….transport is the biggest cause of air pollution in the UK, but its something we can all do something about.

How can you help?

This Clean Air Day, why not consider whether you could:

Walk to the local shop, rather than driving, not only will you do your bit for the environment, but you’ll get some exercise too!

Scoot the school run, you’ll also be teaching the next generation the importance of active travel for the environment and their health

Cycle to work (or to the nearest Metro station, as part of a commute into the city).

Catch the bus into the city for a night out, rather than getting a taxi. Its cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Consider whether you could share your car journey – every time you share a trip you’d otherwise have drive alone, you take a car off the road. Its better for the environment and your wallet (particularly with fuel prices at a record high).

For more information on Clean Air Day 2022, click here.