All Change on the Q3

From this Sunday we are making changes to the way the Q3 operates around Great Park.  There will still be four buses per hour linking us into Gosforth, Jesmond and the city centre during the day, but two services will loop round Great Park clockwise and two will operate anticlockwise. 

The services are being renamed to reflect this change:

  • The QA will operate on the existing route, heading first up Sir Bobby Robson Way before continuing to the Town Centre via Waggonway Drive.
  • The QB will first serve the town centre before heading up Waggonway Drive and along the Spine Road to Sir Bobby Robson Way.

You’ll see we have installed some temporary stops so you can get on or off the bus on both sides of the road and we’ll be upgrading these in due course.

We hope you’ll agree this is a positive change, it will mean for instance if you live in Elmwood Park you can choose to head into Newcastle on the QB and won’t have to first travel around NGP.  Likewise if your closest stop is on Roseden Way, you might choose to come home from the city centre on the QB and get dropped off as soon as the bus gets into Great Park – saving you some time!

You can find out more and download a copy of the timetable here and please get in touch if you need any more information.