Public Transport: Local Choices

When using public transport through the COVID-19 pandemic, please ensure that you follow relevant government guidance and advice: Read More. Also please ensure that you check your journey before setting off, with a number of emergency timetables in place, it’s always a good idea to check a journey planner first.

With a variety of handy tools, great discounts and frequent services available, it’s never been easier to make your journey to or from Newcastle Great Park by public transport. New technology means you don’t have to wait around at bus stops, many buses and trains now have WiFi on board, cashless ticket options and more!

Travelling by Bus

There are a number of frequent bus services running through and past NGP to and from destinations including Newcastle, Wallsend, Gosforth, Regent Centre Metro stop and more. You can find stops at Featherstone Grove, Brunton Lane, Wagonway Drive, Roseden Way and Sir Bobby Robson Way, as well as at the Park and Ride site.

The stops at Featherstone Grove are serviced by bus route 46. This service runs from Great Park to Newcastle Haymarket Bus Station, via Gosforth and the Regent Centre Metro stop.
Services run every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday day time, reducing to hourly services on evenings and Sundays.

All other stops across the park are served by bus service Q3. The Quaylink service runs from Great Park to Wallsend, via Regent Centre, Gosforth and Newcastle city centre. Services run every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, every 30 minutes Sunday daytime and hourly outside of this.

To the south of the site (for those residents at Greenside) you can also access services operating along Kingston Park Road. The most frequent service is X47, which a circular route between Newcastle centre and Kingston Park, via Kenton Bar, operated by Stagecoach North East. The service runs every 15 minutes Monday to Sunday daytime, reducing to every 30 minutes on evenings.

Operated by Gateshead Central Taxis, service T1 also stops on Kingston Park Road. This is a circular route from Tesco Kingston Park, to North Kenton via Kenton Bar and back via Fawdon. There are 8 services per day Monday to Friday and and 14 on Saturday, with no service on Sunday.

Travelling by Metro

Depending on where you’re based at NGP, the closest Metro station could be Regent Centre, Fawdon, or Kingston Park. All of these stations sit on The Green line, which runs between Newcastle Airport and South Hylton via Sunderland. The Green line has a 12-minute frequency, in each direction Monday to Saturday and 15-minute on Sundays.

South Gosforth is the closest station that sits on the Yellow line (as well as the Green line). Services on the Yellow line run between South Shields and St James, via Whitely Bay. The Yellow line also runs on a 12-minute frequency Monday to Saturday and 15 minutes on Sunday.

Travelling by Train

For those travelling to or from further afield, travel by train is a great option. Newcastle station is easily reached from NGP and gives access to the regional and national rail network, with regular services to a wide range of destinations including Edinburgh, Birmingham, Durham, Leeds, London and much more.

Newcastle station can be reached in around 30 minutes, by bike or by bus which, when considering the time it takes to navigate traffic and park, is probably quicker than a journey by car!

Planning your Journey

There are now a number of great options available for those looking to plan a journey by public transport. There’s no need to spend loads of time flicking through timetables to figure out which services work best for you – online journey planners can do that for you!

Our guide to planning a journey by public transport has everything you need to know, including links to some of the great online tools available, along with timetables for the key services at Newcastle Great Park (for those that need it).

Paying for your Journey

Catching the bus or train no longer has to mean fumbling around for change before hopping on to pay the driver or conductor in a rush! There are so many different ways to pay for your journey now that you may feel a little spoilt for choice!

Go North East, Arriva and Stagecoach all now accept contactless payments on their bus services, in addition to some really useful apps, which allow you to buy and store your bus ticket on your mobile!

It’s also important to check that you aren’t paying too much. Whilst paying for single or return tickets is OK for regular or one off journeys, those who travel more frequently by bus, rail, Metro or a combination of the three can save some significant cash by choosing monthly or annual passes, and by taking advantage of the various additional discounts available.

For further advice one choosing the right ticket for your public transport journey check out our Tickets & Discounts guide.

Real Time Information & Apps

Gone are the days of standing around waiting for your bus or train with little idea when it will turn up. Real time information makes it easy to find out exactly where your ride is at, helping you plan when to leave the house, office or coffee shop.

Bus operator apps have proved to offer a real step change when it comes to real time bus information. They often display the exact location of your bus on a handy map, in a very similar style to the Uber app which many are now familiar with. If you are undertaking a journey by bus we’d advise that trying out an app is a must, and to help you out we’ve pulled together a handy guide to getting most from bus operator apps.

Support & Updates

Confused by timetables or just not sure which bus is best to catch? Did you know we can plan your journey for you?
Just let us know where you’re coming from and when and we will provide you with an interactive journey plan that clearly sets out your options, with easy to follow, step by step instructions and a handy map.

Get in touch now to get support with your commute.

We’ve also put together a list of helpful Twitter feeds that will keep you up to date with any delays or services changes across the Newcastle area:

Tyne and Wear Metro (@My_Metro)
Arriva North East (@arrivanortheast)
Go North East (@gonortheast)
Stagecoach North East (@StagecoachNE)
North East Live Traffic (@NELiveTraffic)
Network Rail (@networkrail)
Northern Rail (@northernassist)

Nexus have web pages devoted to giving live updates and information for services across the region