Mud on Roads

We are aware of ongoing issues with mud on the roads of the Great Park, particularly along Roseden Way and Wagonway Drive.

We have written to both developers to remind them of their responsibilities and to ensure that road cleaning will take place regularly as required. The earthwork activities that are taking place are essential and facilitate development across the Great Park, however it is very important that the developers ensure the highways are clean and safe as required by the planning conditions imposed on the site.

Cleaning has been taking place but it is clear that this has not been frequent enough which has not been helped by the continuous wet weather we have had over the past few weeks; We will continue to monitor this to ensure both developers keep on top of the situation. If the issue persists please contact the customer service departments at both Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes North East to make them aware of, and escalate the issue.

Apologies for any disruption and inconvenience caused and thank you for your cooperation.

Newcastle Great Park Management Company