Sustainable Construction

The design of the homes built across Great Park has been carefully considered to ensure energy efficiency is maximised. Sustainable features can be seen throughout our scheme, from high-quality insulated roofs, walls, and windows, through to A-rated energy-efficient appliances and even renewable technologies such as solar pv panels.

Our new build homes come with a smaller carbon footprint than an equivalent second-hand property, which is great news for the planet and means lower energy bills for our residents. In fact, the Home Builders Federation estimates homeowners of new builds can save more than £600 off their annual utility bill when compared against older properties. Water meters, low-flow taps and dual flush toilets will help you save on water bills too. Good for the wallet and for the planet.

Being near to nature can give our spirits a lift, and recent research shows it has a positive impact on our health. We want to help you get out and enjoy nature, so we have put wildlife and nature at the heart of our planning. NGP has been designed to help you stay active – with a neighbourhood you can walk or cycle around, and access to playgrounds, parks and wide open green spaces.