Changes to Bus Services – Coming Soon!

From the end of July there will be changes to the Q3 service to reduce journey times and provide a more direct link to and from NGP.

Service Changes

There will still be 4 journeys per hour serving Great Park, but these will alternate the direction of travel; so 2 will go clockwise round NGP, and two anti-clockwise.  If you live in Elmwood Park (off Sir Bobby Robson Way), you’ll be able to get a service into the city centre that heads straight down Brunton Lane and over the A1 and if you are on Brunton Grange (along Roseden Way), on the way back from the city centre you’ll be able to get a service that goes direct to the Community Centre and Town Centre stops. 

We hope you agree that this will be a positive change and is all part of the ongoing commitment to enhancing public transport provision across the Park. 

In the longer term, there are plans to extend the service into Brunton Meadows (once the link to the Spine Road is in place) and further down the line to service Kingston Park too.  Timescales for these enhancements will be linked to the recovery of passenger numbers (they’ve been really hard hit by the COVID pandemic) and the delivery of the infrastructure on the Spine Road…. So watch this space for further updates!

We’ll be back in touch asap with final details of the timings of the service, and you’ll be able to download a public transport guide, before the changes take place.

Moving forwards, we will continue to work with the GPNA to gather feedback on bus services from residents.