Newcastle Great Park has an active ‘travel plan strategy’ in place, which has the aim of ensuring that travel options available to those living at, working at or visiting the Park are as attractive and convenient as possible.

To the right are links to further information on the various travel options available. You will find downloadable bus timetables, cycle maps, on-line journey planners and much more. If having reviewed the information available you are still a little unsure about the travel options you have available, please contact us and we will do what we can to help.

Your travel options ...

  • Walk

    The Great Park has a network of attractive and convenient footpath links, making walking an easy option both within the park and into the surrounding areas. 

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  • Cycle

    Cycling is a great travel option, whether you are heading somewhere local or further afield. 

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  • Catch the bus

    The Great Park is served a by a number of great bus services, providing frequent access to the city centre. 

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  • Catch the Metro

    The nearest Metro station is located in Gosforth, just a short bike or bus ride away from the Great Park. 

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  • Catch a train

    Newcastle Central Station can be easily accessed by bus from the Great Park ... ideal for longer distance journeys.

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  • Drive

    Of course for most people the car offers the most convenient travel option. The Great Park is ideally located for both local and regional trips.

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  • Car share

    Sometimes it can be hard to ditch the car, but could you share your journey with someone else heading your way?

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