Future Development

Spine Road

The next phase of the spine road which will connect junction 4 at the north end of Wagonway Drive to junction 7 which connects into the existing Kingston Park Road highway, which is now underway. This is a crucial milestone for the ongoing development of Great Park and will be complete in the spring of 2022.

Town Centre

Located centrally at the heart of Great Park is the land reserved for the local centre. The town centre is currently occupied by a number of retailers including The Great Park Pharmacy, Guinot and Brunton Residential and also sites the Persimmon North East regional office. Once complete there are plans for a supermarket, more retail units and a pub and we are always interested to hear from local and national operators that want to be a part of our community. Please contact Ian Angus at @retail, iana@atretail.co.uk to find out more.


As well as Brunton First School, there will be two new schools built on our new Cell A development which will comprise of a new first school and middle/high school. Plans are now starting to take shape for the development of both schools, please contact Newcastle City Council for further information.

Cell A/B1

The next new phase of development at Great Park is Cell A/B1, which is located to the north west of the site. Once complete Cell A will include up to 1,200 homes, 2 new schools, strategic open space, equipped play areas, new footpath and cycle infrastructure and playing pitches. Planning applications for the various elements of the scheme are being considered and the infrastructure to facilitate the development is now being delivered. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details and to find out about the new homes that are coming soon.


The Masterplan shows current and future development plans, you can view and download it by following the link below.